Monday, January 18, 2010

the first time I...

jumped from a helicopter was pretty sureal... it was actually my first helicopter ride as well ... so double the excitement you could say :) in the heli there were five jumpers total, four and a videographer.... all i can say about a helicopter is that it just feels weird...maybe because im a private pilot and have spent lots of time flying planes... there is something about a helicopter that makes me want to question whether or not it should be flying... but anyways, the pilot took us on a nice low level ride before we went up to altitude...was really neat how he was able to maneuver that thing so close to the ground.

it only took us a few minutes to get up where we needed to be and before long we were on the step ready to go. im proud to say that i remembered not to "jump up" ... which would totally ruin anyones weekend... and falling out of the heli, flipping over onto my back watching it shrink as the ground began to grow underneath me... its something ill never forget. then it got i was deploying my chute and going over everything ,... i heard another canopy opening up, and eventually on my same level only 75' away...which is extremely close!!! needless to say i was a bit upset that the other jumper came so close, and to make matters worse he wasnt even equipped properly for the jump having forgotten his goggles...i was a bit upset.

always gotta watch out for those other people on the road if ya know what i mean.

so if you're gonna skydive a heli...make sure not to jump up..and make sure that everyone else on the jump is prepared as well...maybe that will be my next blog topic... how some people just shouldn't be doing certain things...ill call it "according to petro"...kinda like that tv series "according to jim"...but way cooler...

hahaha lata!


  1. Wow this looks amazing!!! Great post :) I had so much fun during the heli ride, it was exhilerating but I am sure it was nothing to what sky diving must feel like! PS. I tried to become a "follower" on your blog but it doesn't seem to give me that option... anyhow I will add your site to my blog roll for sure!

  2. ops I take that back - I'm a follower now, woohoo! haha