Monday, January 18, 2010

i miss the ocean.

yah, so i was hanging around this weekend... watching the rain, watching movies, watching the winter go by... wound up going into the garage and taking out the I was cleaning off some old wax I started to think how I really missed surfing... and how in no way regretful, have been so involved with skydiving to notice. these two sports are really apart from each other... i think you could even go as far as saying that they're on each end of the spectrum...

surfing on one hand is quiet, peaceful, rocking you to sleep in the motion of the ocean until its time to paddle... skydiving on the other hand is loud, forceful, and violent at first until the canopy opens and you're surrounded by silence. totally different when compared to each other, yet when applied to an individual ... provide the same sense of relaxation... funny to think about it this way...

so back to surfing... standing there in the garage i would have thrown the board in the car, but the report was for flat conditions and oh, btw,... the temp is frigid in the 40's. i think by may/june...the water should be tolerable to some degree, although i can remember surfing through many, hoodie, 6mil suits, etc..

you know, the water is not even the worse part...what really sucks is having to get changed in the parking lot when its below zero.. not fun!now i'm thinking perhaps i should buy some old bus... paint it up all psychadelic or something... call it the mystery machine like in scooby doo? i dunno... just missing surfing and warm weather I guess... enjoy your Monday.

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  1. Do it! Get an old van and make yourself a DIY Mystery Machine. It would be BRILLIANT!

    Kate x