Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a good question...

why do people look at the ground when they walk? is there something that I'm missing here? grass, sprinklers, sidewalks, dog-poo, old bubblegum...etc.. why the intense focus downward? .. i don't know if its just me, maybe I'm crazy.. but i find it hysterical.. even when i offer a nice "Hello" as they walk by... all i get is some sort of peripheral acknowledgement. whats the deal? why don't people talk? nobody seems to be enjoying the sun when its out... or it could be the caffeine i drank today (3 cups by 8am) .. but, you know what? .. I'm like that anyways... just having a good ol time...that's me...here's a shot of me enjoying the sun from 13,500' to prove it... sometimes i think i might be solar powered or something... i swear when the sun is out i just feel a bit more energized. do you know what I'm talking about? .. if not well, too bad... nothing like a good solar vibe running through your body.

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