Tuesday, January 26, 2010

is that the sun???

finally! i think we might have some sun today! if the ocean was a few degress warmer i might have played the sick card today and went off surfing... but i guess ill have to wait for a few months until the temps rise a bit... weekend was good, nothing too crazy, did a bunch of shopping for a trip coming up next weekend, had some sushi and slept in on Sunday. Made it out to the wineries over the weekend too (long island, ny)... kind of baron this time of year, but still fun to drive around if you're in that "aimlessly driving type of mood"

what else... oh, i just recently got this auto start installed in my car. i have to be honest and tell you that i dont know how i got along without it before... how sweet is it to start the car up when its below freezing and then get into a nice warm car??? .. no more convulsing and mr. miagi rubbing the hands together to create heat... no sir,... just a few clicks of the button and a warm chariot awaits! ... i would even venture to say thats its better than post-its....

so thats pretty much it... aimlessly driving around in my newly equipped car.


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  1. i remember what it was like when I had a bunch of used cars. I was always terrified just before I turned the ignition key on a cold day. Then one day, I got a new car. What a relief it was to drive then. I hear you, man.