Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bird flavored paint?

Apparently at the british airways factory, a bucket of birdseed fell into the spray booth while they were finishing the fuselage of this one... Luckily the pilot in a news report was able to avert most of the aerial obstructions by utilizing the forward machine guns built into the cockpit.

In response to this action, all birds have abandoned their usual migration patterns to form the largest assault gathering in the history of winged vertebrates. BA has issued a statement warning the fearless feathered flying fortress that it will show no mercy if any acts of aggression are inititated.... we are still waiting to hear back from the birds

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is it almost September?

i am sitting here at work cleaning out my emails and found an old one from blogger and realized its been like 6 months since i last posted!!! ... been having some fun planning a wedding, just had pre-cana and the church said we could get married...which is a plus. last time i was talking about a whirlwind and thats just what it is... WHIRLWIND! .. hehhehe but fun. SO whats new peeps??? same stuff round here aside from the wedding plans... still working, still jumping, .. havnt surfed as much this summer...waves are just not cooperating with my schedule.. the nerve!

so what else? ... i've been on this kick lately where i get cream cheese on my turkey sandwich .. or ham sandwich... depends on the mood.. maybe even some tobasco on it.. .. do yourself a favor and try this:

On an everything bagel:
Cream cheese
tobasco sauce.

this is the best breakfast sandwich you'll ever eat. trust me.

the other thing too about getting married is that you enroll yourself into what i like to call "wedding bootcamp". next time we'll talk some more about "spin class"