Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hiney taps for politics?

the hiney tap is probably one of the most respected gestures in competitive sports, recognized by all men as a compliment and in no way seen as inappropriate. For example... What? you sacked the quarterback? get hiney tapped from your teammates. In my opinion,...probably the most renowned hiney tap of all is the ol' rounding third base on a home run in baseball...the third base coach looks forwards to this hiney tap, sometimes even introducing the windmill approach as he initiates the tap... I can go on with this for hours, but I'll get right to my point. Why are there no hiney taps in the political arena? What? you were able to finally control illegal immigration? ... here you go....hiney taps all around. Excuse me? you just passed a bill to strengthen the job market and drive down the unemployment rate?... of course! ...heres a hiney tap for your hard work. Wow, I can't believe you were able to protect our rights as citizens instead of using the constitution as a door mat... here's a hiney tap, even though you should do this anyways...

do you know why there are no hiney taps in politics? ... Because this country is being flushed down the toilet over corporate greed and a willingness to "Politically Correct" ourselves to death! That's right... who the heck would hiney tap for this? Maybe someday we'll wake up and get back the country our older generations fought so hard for... maybe we'll see how misguided we've become. Perhaps we'll notice this soon...

until then, I'm going to get a happy meal to cheer myself up.

good morning.

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