Friday, January 15, 2010

our dairy obsession...

have you ever stopped to think about why we feel the milk from another species is relevant to our health? Doesnt that seem a bit odd?Why not drink milk from a gorilla instead? Why cows? was it more convenient because they have so many spouts off that utter thing? Aside from the dairy industry being so grossly unhealthy, we still seem to think it necessary to grow up big and strong. ill say it again... we think we need the milk from another species to be healthy.

As infants we need mothers milk,...females are designed to provide milk to our children.... but thats just it! ... when we're not children anymore we come off of it. Then you hear nonsense about needing calcium and vitamin D...etc... there are so many other foods that provide this,...and without all those hormones, unapproved drugs administered to the livestock, pesticides, etc...

take a closer look at how we manage the dairy industry and you'll puke. Dairy industry aside, ... did you know that many countries refuse our exports because our food is so contaminated? did you know that we test a fraction of a percent of livestock set for consumption? ... as opposed to countries like Japan who test every single animal!!! why are we not doing this? ... excuses excuses...we'll our population is bigger... Bull! (no pun intended) than that means there are more people to do the testing!

truth is that there are billions and billions of dollars at steak here... (that pun was intended...) just another facet of the ever so loved greed monster. in this case its your health thats in question. Oh yes, the FDA is a super watchdog and knows what is good for us...look at what they've approved in the past and then come talk to me. you have all been duped! we've even convinced ourselves that there is such a term as "lactose intolerant"...and that humans are supposed to be able to handle dairy. WHAT ?!/!? the truth is that some people have cast iron stomachs and some do not...but our bodies are telling us that we are not supposed to be drinking/eating it...and yet we STILL make medicines to allow ourselves to tolerate it. its nuts! money money money..make money from the cows and when people cant tolerate the cows...make money from the drugs + cows... its a win win for the dairy medicine man.

so, in protest to this im going to be milking gorillas this saturday at the bronx zoo. there will be regular, chocolate and strawberry blends... all are welcome to attend and savor the flavor. You think thats crazy right? Pretend the dairy industry didnt exist and insert the word Cow instead of gorilla. the more i think about it, the crazier it becomes.

well, the weekend is almost enjoy your milk and cheese.

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