Monday, January 11, 2010

ah yes, another monday.

hope everyone enjoyed this past weekend...i forgot to mention last week that i was at the airpark on thursday getting ready to move my chopper to hicksville...but on the way out there there was this guy driving alongside me in one of those Smart cars or whatever they are... they are super tiny to sum it up... and i was thinking... how smart are you when an 18 wheeler decides to change lanes turning your matchbox car into a compressed sardine can? ... how do they even certify those things as being safe!! its crazy... yeah, dont talk on the phone...its too dangerous...oh, and by the way heres a sweet car you can ride, but be sure not to blink cause there might be a slim chance you'll transform into a fresh pile of road kill if youre not careful.... truth is .. .talking on the cellphone is no more dangerous than eating an oversized 1500 calorie hamburger with extra cheese dripping on your leg as you steer the wheel with your knee. heres an article supporting this!
...and oh yes, talking on the phone too..but its cool because you have one of the "im a real techie" type bluetooth headsets...

give me a break...why do we use these things...because we need our hands free to eat? thats another story... dont get me started on that.

so anyways, now that i have that off my chest... things are looking good out at the airpark... Team Plowboy has once again cleared off the airpark grounds and remains at the top...still the undisputed world heavyweight snowplowing contender... i think im going to make up a belt like in the old days when WWF was cool... remember? hulk hogan, hacksaw jim duggan, koko b ware, jake the snake, andre the giant, george the animal steel, ... i can go on... oh well, i guess things change....more glitz, more glamour, more steriods...thats just how it goes i guess. ... but you cant stand there and tell me it wasnt cool to watch george eat a turnbuckle with a green tounge? ... those guys kicked some major tail back in the day... what? wrestlers are cool today too? Maybe they are, but this is MY blog and i say that old guys rule.

deal with it, and stay warm.
pray for sun.

petro out.

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