Friday, January 22, 2010

whaddup doc?

so im driving out at 6am this morning, and this rabbit darts out in front of the car... wow was that thing was like a furry white bottle rocket of some me thinking... now how did a turtle manage to beat one of these things? have you ever seen a turtle? of course you have... what idiot came up with that tortoise and the hare story? ... i know , i get it, dont have to say it.. "slow and steady wins the race" ... wait a minute?? no it doesnt! not all the time you know... some times you have to go out and get it,...make it aggressive,...not sit on your lazy ass and limit your acceleration? a better story would have been something like,... a tortoise and hare are in the woods... a bear comes along and eats the hare but cant get inside the tortoise's shell...moral of the story? always be prepared. whats the matter?...not appropriate for children with the whole bear eating thing?lets review some other kids tales... in fact, most childhood stories are pretty f'd up anyways,... take little red riding hood for example... nice little girl walking alone through the forest to find her grandmother was eaten by a wolf who plans to maul her too? ... what about hansel and gretel... some old bag of a witch looking to plump them up for a nice cannibal supper? ... what the hell are we reading to our kids? i could go on, but i need to eat some breakfast at some stomach is growling.

anyways, i managed to dodge the bunny and all is well. end of the week today...hooray :) , lets hope the sun comes out for a bit this weekend to enjoy cuz i have some plans to go shoot some trap (shotguns) on sunday but the weather has to cooperate. we'll see how it goes.

enjoy the weekend.

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  1. Haha between this and all the crazy driving around you did the other day, I sure hope you plan on taking a break from your car this weekend! :)