Thursday, January 14, 2010

mass transit and a prescription of sorts...

I've just recently determined that there are two types of people in this world. those who can deal with trains, buses, subways, etc... and those that cant. I am one who cannot deal with the crowds, smells and noises so annoying you want to throw yourself across the tracks in desperation. let me explain further...

its not that i dont like using the train...i actually take the train when i can, as its convenient and fast to wherever you're going. im refering to off peak times when you actually have a seat, the ride is somewhat enjoyable... you know these times right? these times are enjoyable because your face isnt pressed up against some persons back who presumably did not shower for weeks. Why? well just to make your trip that much more exciting as your senses are overloading with some kind of mixed garlic, bacon and old beer smell. that actually happened, and I'm dry heaving now just thinking about it.

the times i cant deal with are just that. there are a certain amount of seats on the train for a reason. does max capacity ring a bell? is it right that im fighting with a 65 year old woman because shes telling me to stand up straighter and there will be more room? really? is this the image the MTA/LIRR considers max capacity?...because thats what it feels like during the morning commute!

work work work... thats all you hear... think about your conversation with your friends...hey man, how are you... pretty good, work is crazy, same things...and you? sound familiar? ... shouldnt family come before work? shouldnt the things we enjoy come before work? im not saying to quit your job... thats dumb and people that quit their jobs to go live in a tree house drinking herbal tea while they become one with nature are losers... its my opinion so deal with it... and im not saying that i hate work...because i definitely dont... i actually consider myself one of the more fortunate individuals who actually like what they do...but what im saying is that maybe people should take a second to think about what really matters... family, friends, things that make you smile a bit,... like BLT's and ice cream, etc...things like that right? we've gotten so consumed by money and greed that we've lost focus on what really matters... spend time with the people who make a difference in your life.... reach out and talk to friends you havn't spoken to in a while... take a ride to the beach and enjoy some of the simple things life has to offer. after will always be there in the morning.

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