Thursday, February 4, 2010

blizzards and milk

someone was telling me this morning that we're supposed to have a blizzard this saturday in NY? ... i didnt buy it, and went to the ol' triple dubba..and it said just mention of the B word. if we did, that would be fine,..i dont mind either way and actually kinda like it... except for having to shovel it. then my mind started to think about what goes on when people expect a blizzard. what is the one thing people buy immediately??? yes! MILK! .. but why? is milk some universal beverage that if you're stuck in the house you can survive on for a long time? milk has an expiration you know,... what happened to canned goods, or water? ...

lets take a step back... is this even necessary? maybe up in alaska or anyplace where they get tons of snow... but in NY? .. the snow is gone the next day and if its not, its plowed...i cant remember ever being stuck in the house for more than a day and that was when i was a little petro... we dont even get snow like that anymore.

people are crazy, and brainwashed if you ask me...

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  1. haha so true! I think its the thought of being forced to stay inside and do nothing for a whole day that gets people so excited...more often than not they go overboard and just look silly. The last time we were suppose to got a blizzard we ended up with a sprinkling of fun.